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Playa Collection 2014 |
Camel, the main hot-rod vehicle on the silk road.
Camel is available in solid: Bronze (Yellow).


Approximate Height: TBD
Approximate Width: TBD
Approximate Depth: TBD
Weight: 8.80 Grams • Solid Bronze (Yellow)

There is a wait time of 1-3 weeks between order placement and the shipment of your treasure, depending on season. I have settled on one local casting facility and have patronized them for over 15 years. They are a very busy facility,
however, they take time and care over each order. I trust them with my most complex and delicate designs. And, I trust 
them with your order. Please contact me immediately if there is any fault with your order.
  • Item #: SZS-CAMEL-BR

Camel • Bronze

Price: $45.00
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